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Impact17 Awards – IMPACT17

Impact17 Awards

Rising Above the Noise

The annual IMPACT Awards exemplify best-in-class creativity, expertise and results achieved by the top practitioners of Internet marketing across every business segment.

IMPACT17 Winners

Internet Marketer of the Year

Bernadette Coleman

Best Translation Platform 


Best Digital Launch & Campaign Sequence 

Mercer Digital

Disrupter of the Year 

Mavatar Technologies Inc.

CMO of the Year

Jeanniey Mullen

Digital Platform of the Year


Innovator of the Year


Progressive Company of the Year


Recognition for Philanthropy & the Next Generation 

Eda Ozmen

Brand Leader of the Year

Paul Smith

Education Leadership

Helen Norris

Greatest Generational Impact

Marcie Merriman

Enterprise Platform of the Year


Impact Leadership

Yves Le Siur

Analytics & Measurement 


Magento for Kicks USA

Analytics & Measurement Predictive 

Markus Zametter

App Development B2B


Websurge for Coopervision

App Development B2C

Mavatar Technologies Inc.

App Development

Advice Mobile

Blog Design

St. Joseph Health-Health Calling

Blog Community Engagement


Blog Readership


Content Marketing Innovation

Digital River

Content Marketing Strategy

Cayman Islands Department of Tourism

Email Marketing Strategic Campaign 


Facebook Best Use

Fighter’s Connection

Integrated Service Platform

eHealth Insurance Services

Non-Profit Campaign

American Association of Critical-Care Nurses

Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine

Bostrom for the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine

Welcome Home Troops Post 9-11 War Memorial

Larry Armstrong for the Welcome Home Troops Post 9-11 War Memorial

Search Engine Marketing

Digital River

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Chapman University School of Pharmacy

Social Media Campaign Promotional Strategy

Cayman Islands Department of Tourism

Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce

Social Media Campaign Community Engagement 


Social Media Campaign Integrated Stretegy

Marketing Maven for Simply Fit Board

Social Media Campaign Millennial Engagement

Jason Neubauer for Santa Claus Affect

Twitter Best Use 


Website Aesthetics

VDS for Orange County Schoo of Arts

Orange County School of the Arts

Signature Flight Support

Website Navigation

Oracle Marketing Cloud for Mountain America Credit Union

Ryno Strategic Solutions for Air Comfort Technologies

Kevin Viner

Website Content Layout

Meticulosity for California Closets

Chapman University Degrees and Programs

Podcast Promotional Series

Germono Advertising Company for Drop and Give Me 20

Video Informational 

Evite with Heather Dubrow

Video Theme/Creativity 

Cayman Islands Department of Tourism

Park West Companies

Video Informational Winner 

Ware Malcomb


Award Categories

For $195 per entry, companies are invited to submit their innovative Internet marketing programs for recognition by both their professional peers and leading industry experts assembled for the IMPACT Awards. There are multiple opportunities to enter, with awards grouped under the following main categories:

  • Analytics & Measurement
  • App Development
  • Blog
  • Content
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook
  • Infographic
  • Instagram
  • Mobile
  • Non Profit
  • Pinterest
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Twitter
  • Website
  • Webinar/Vodcast/Podcast
  • YouTube/Video

Capping off the awards will be overall “Best Of” honors for Email Marketing, Facebook, Mobile Campaign, Social Media Campaign and Website as well as the prestigious Internet Marketer of the Year, Internet Person of the Year and Internet Company of the Year awards presented to those who have made a transformative contribution to Internet marketing.

IMPACT Showcase

IMPACT Award winners will have the opportunity to feature their success via IMA Research Lab case studies. These case studies will be used to empower our members with the most present and innovative practices that are changing today’s markets.

Entry Guidelines


Our guidelines require applicants to have a college-equivalent education and a career related to the Internet marketing industry including sales, marketing, business ownership, programming, creative development and other related fields. Our organization is underwritten by corporate partners to provide members an opportunity to learn, engage and define Internet marketing best practices. We look forward to welcoming you to the largest association dedicated to Internet marketing.

Submission Requirements

  • Complete the nomination form in its entirety before submitting.
  • Only completed Nomination forms will be valid.
  • Deadline for submission is August 25, 2017 (9:00 P.M. PT).
  • Submission will be complete when this form is submitted with entry fee.

Entry Fee

The fee for the 2017 IMPACT Award is $195 per entry. Submit entry form online, along with award entry fee.

IMA will not be held responsible for incomplete forms. Incomplete forms will not be valid. All entry fees are non-refundable.